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New beginnings and all that crap

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There are certain points in a bloggers life when you feel that new beginnings are in order. You start out as a teenager writing your online diary for everyone to see and everyone to comment on. You write about personal things, like what makes you angry or sad or happy. And what you are afraid of. Then people start reading and commenting. You like it, you’re hooked.

Time goes on, you start working, maybe start your own business like I’ve just done, you make new friends and have a large group of people you know, but are just not that close to. Who do you want as a reader? Who could be interested in your points of view? Or just your life? Or would you like to just write for yourself? Nobody else?

I think that sharing, dialogue, listening are fundamentally important to us as human beings. I believe blogging has become big just because of that. And I believe that I’m ready to share more than my thoughts on my own day to day life.

Right now feels like a new beginning for me throughout my life. So what would be more suitable than having a new beginning in my blogger life as well?


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