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An old patron out of stockings

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The Icelandic Love Corporation. EVOLUTION. 2010. Photograph. Photo by Vera Pálsdóttir.

Yesterday a friend of mine and I took two German friends out on a tour in Helsinki. It was great. The weather was refreshing, the feel of the city was in focus, we ate a great lunch/dinner at Kaarna just in the centre and went into a second-hand bookshop where I bought two collections of letters. I can’t wait to read them!

When it started to rain we went to the Amos Anderson Art Museum and my focus was on the exhibition TIGHT by the Icelandic Love Corporation. They’ve used nylon stockings in their work and they discuss gender, society, different world views, nature and myth on a level of principle in it.

One piece that really spoke to me was their portrait of Amos Anderson, the patron that has given his name, his house and money to the museum. For me it’s just a tickling idea that a feminist performance collective makes a piece of him, “the owner” of the space where they are having the exhibition and a man who was a hardcore businessman but at the same time a patron who supported Finnish arts and science. I picture him as a middle aged man in a grey suit who is above everyone else, where as feminist art very often is about democracy. So just the thoughts that go through my head about the idea of the piece are interesting and then at the same time it’s just very esthetically pleasing. It’s a beautiful, delicate piece of work. I really do recommend this exhibition!

If you haven’t seen it and you are in Helsinki, it’s open until October 4th.


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