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Weekend – what’s that?

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My news feed on facebook is filled with tgif* posts, but I have a little shorter working day today and instead I’m working tomorrow. Although I like to keep weekends as weekends and free, I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow’s work.

Twins photo

photo by Heidi Lunabba

We have Twins workshops at The Finnish Museum of Photography. Twins is artist Heidi Lunabba’s project where she takes photographs of children so that they get their own twin of the opposite sex. In the workshops the kids get to play with gender and other roles (they also get to be fairies and gorillas etc.) After the workshop some children will be photographed again in different environments. The idea comes from children’s fashion magazines where children are portrayed within gender stereotypes and often as small adults as well. I’m the producer of the project.

Some workshops were held already last spring, but I couldn’t be present, so now I’m really looking forward to seeing the reactions of the kids! I know the pictures will be great, but I want to breathe in the atmosphere.

*thank god it’s Friday


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