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“You love what you do, so you don’t need to get paid”

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You love what you do, so you don’t need to get paid is a statement that is not uncommon at all. For me this is absurd. And it must have something to do with what we associate with the term “work”. And the difference between work and free time or hobbies.

Work in the Encyclopedia Britannica is explained as in economics and sociology, the activities and labour necessary to the survival of society. Often the term has a vibe about not being allowed to have fun while working, whereas in my mind the best thing would be to find  a job that that particular person enjoys for everyone is society. Normally you enjoy the things that you are actually good at and that would create a more efficient society which seems to be the aim of many right-wing politicians. At the same time I think that people would feel happier, again the society as a whole benefits from it.

Working with what you love does not mean there are no challenges. My decisions impact my everyday life and I constantly have to consider where I will get my next job from, where will the money to pay my rent come from? How will I be able to pay off my student loans? And so on. Working with something you love does mean that your life is a dance on roses,  just remember that roses have thorns, so life still isn’t perfect. For me, working with what I love just means that I want to find a way to live with the thorns, maybe pluck some of the roses.

And although your having fun, you are still working, often even more than if you’re not having fun, so you should definitely get paid. Everybody should get paid for the work that they do.


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