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Some key notes from the ENCATC conference in Brussels

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So, the trip to Brussels. Not a good idea. Now I’m even more sick. Bronchitis, such a joyful word in my mind. So I’m at home bored and frustrated. There is so much work, but I can maybe concentrate for a maximum of 5 minutes at a time. Great, right?

But anyway, some thoughts on the ENCATC Conference:

  • Always, always have more than 23 minutes for discussion during a seminar!
  • Some of the inputs were good, not in the way that I agreed or disagreed with them, in the way that they could’ve sparked a very interesting discussion.
  • Having 5 men and 1 woman, all in the same age range, all in good positions in their organizations, belonging to the same class is not really a diverse panel.
  • Separating students from the actual discussion will make them angry. (And you’ll notice :P)
  • It’s always great to see people! And meet new people!

I definitely think that this conference gave me and the other Finnish people a lot to think about regarding next year’s conference. It’s going to be in Helsinki and I got the job as coordinator just before we left for this year’s conference.

My personal wish is that it will be more integrated, students and professionals working and discussing together and more arts and culture present in the actual programme. The first part will come quite naturally, I think. There is a dialogue between teachers and students. The second part I know a lot of us want to work on.

So we’ll see. It’s going to be an interesting ride!

Now back to coughing and being bored.


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