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Speaking of the power of pictures…

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So this autumn I’m also writing my bachelor’s thesis for arts management at Novia University of Applied Sciences. I’m writing about community arts/sociocultural projects and why there should be arts managers as part of the team in those projects. I’ll post the whole thing here when it’s ready…

Sociocultural projects focus on the development of individuals. Part of a drawing for my bachelor's thesis.

But anyway, about the power of pictures. Part of my thesis is about visualizations and visual thinking (not necessarily the same thing…) and last week I got Dan Roam’s book The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures. The book I think has saved my thesis mostly because it got me working on it again after a long period of not finding where to continue writing. So while I was reading I started scribbling in the margins of the book and later on I continued working on the pictures, and now it looks like they will be part of my thesis.

And working on the pictures got me writing again, too. That’s what I call power of pictures :P


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