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Coverage on the Net?

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A conversation about cultural coverage on the net was recorded for Svenska YLE (public service journalism in Swedish here in Finland) today. I was part of it together with fellow blogger Mathias Rosenblad and Malin Wikström editor in chief at peppar.fi. So all of us are fairly young and very active on the net covering arts and culture in different ways.

Before the actual discussion we talked about the inspirational and creative surroundings of Pasila, where the YLE offices are located. Look! There is actually some art next to those big Skanska ads. < /irony >

There was a lot of consensus and the conversations didn’t grow into a real debate which I guess wasn’t the aim of the YLE reporter anyway. I just think it could’ve been more interesting to have more diversity in the group that was discussing. You might not want to create a yes-no-yes-no kind of conversation, but why not ask someone from the older generation who is active on the net to participate? They might be able to shed some light on different views, how cultural coverage has changed in general and at the same time show that different tools on the net are not just for young people.

One of my favorite “older bloggers” is John McLachlan who writes about marketing and design for the arts. He’s usually spot on and writes in a way that people who haven’t spent the last 10 years or so in the blogosphere, like I have, understand what these different tools are about. Check out his post Why Blog from earlier this autumn for example.

If you understand Swedish, check out the discussion tomorrow, Friday Oct 22 at 6:03 pm as part of the programme Kulturtimmen on Radio Vega.


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