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So this group that was appointed by our foreign minister Alexander Stubb in 2008 to evaluate and develop the brand of Finland released its report last week. It’s called Mission for Finland! and is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

I’m not sure how I feel about the report. I haven’t read it. I’ve just read a few articles about it. But you can’t really make up your own mind based on that.

What I do know is that, in general, I’m not so fond of starting to use all that economic language in everything. I know it’s the thing of today, but I just feel that through using that economical language everywhere, the economical thinking infiltrates everything as well. I’m definitely a lefty, so I’m not looking forward to the world stepping a little bit further to the right with every decision that’s made.

Anyway, I do plan to read that report. All 365 pages of it. It’s part of my job to know about these things. And I’ll get back to you when I do know what to think about all of it.


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