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Some holiday atmosphere

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I’m back at work and at home again after some very needed Christmas holidays that I spent at my parents. The theme of my holidays was to enjoy arts and culture rather than produce it and here’s some of what I did:

1) The Christmas Market in Turku (crappy website) with my mom and my little brother. We bought my favorite, anise sweets.

2) The traditional Finnish Christmas meal with a lot of relatives :)

3) a Harry Potter movie marathon (movies 1-6) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at the movie theatre with my brother, my mom, my aunt and my two cousins.

I really liked the movie, and although it was just part 1 and it kind of ended in the middle that didn’t disturb me really… I thought The Tale of the Three Brothers was very nicely done! And it all made me want to read all of the books again.

4) Read the book Leurs Vies Éclatantes (Väreilevä kaupunki in Finnish) by the Belgian author Grégoire Polet. I got it as a Christmas present.

5) Listened to some Bach while cleaning :) Works very well!


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