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Being in the now and in the future

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Reading this article Shaping the future: 7 predictions for the creative community by Scott Belsky, makes me think we’re so in the now and on the right track with To Culture With Love and To Culture With Love. Management, my little babies. I’m talking about the content, our topics as well as the way we organize ourselves and our work within the project.

I especially felt like his points “Crowdsourcing (As We Know It) Will Be Rendered Obsolete” and “The Rise of Creative Collectives & Mixed Media Partnerships” are relevant! I love the thought of crowdsourcing and it’s being done all over right now – and also talked about, but I don’t think it’s very sustainably organized for the long run right now. New ways of taking advantage of crowdsourcing, but still getting paid are very welcome!

And I would also love to sit in an office with people from different kind of backgrounds, working in different fields. Already sharing offices with different kind of arts people is rewarding, but having even more professions present would definitely help and stimulate.

Anyway, for the workshop in February we have over 70 registrations from 20 countries. It’s great to see how the project grows!

I can’t wait to go to Potsdam and meet all of these lovely people, new and old!


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