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Against the norm

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Last Friday I had two arts experiences, both went against the norm.

The first one was a version of the opera Carmen done by DuvTeatern, an independent theatre group with intellectually disabled actors together with the Finnish National Opera. In DuvTeatern’s performances these actors meet with theatre professionals and the audience. Their version of Carmen, Carmen – A Bird of Prey, was exactly that – a great meeting between different people. I got chills while in the audience!

Most of the performances are sold out.

My other experience was a silent film concert at DocPoint, the documentary film festival in Helsinki. Short films by Jean Painlevé to the music and narrative by Uusi Fantasia and Paleface. The atmosphere was great and Paleface’s narrative was so funny! And the films were beautiful!

Watch Jean Painlevé’s film Sea Urchins that was shown as part of the Science is Fiction screening:

And you ask, what was against the norm there? Did you know that the one carrying the baby sea-horses and giving birth is the male? I didn’t, but now I do. Fascinating!


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