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Opening night excitement

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In the past week I’ve been lucky to take part in a lot of opening night excitement.


Twins photo


Blaue Frau: Magic, Cilla & Baby!

Magic, Cilla & Baby is a performance based on Eva Lundgren’s ABC book, different from other ABC books in a way that the letters bring up words about being different. Q is for queer. This is a touring performance and targeted at 5-10 year olds. Blaue Frau are known for putting as much effort into their performances for children and youth as they do into all of their other work.

I definitely got some laughs out of this one!

Heidi Lunabba: Twins

Finally. We’ve been working together on this show for over a year now with Heidi and finally on Tuesday we had our opening at the Finnish museum of photography. As we unpacked the pictures on Friday to hang the exhibition and I saw the final versions for the first time I got really excited. This is exactly the way they are supposed to look like, I thought.

And opening night was fun. Most of the kids who have been involved with the project were present and we dearly missed the ones who couldn’t come. And lots of friends and colleagues were there. All in all a very good night.

The exhibition is open until May 22nd, Tuesday-Sunday 11-18. And admission is free to the Process-space.

Tärähtäneet Ämmät / Nutty Tarts: More is more

This is a collective of two artists that I’ve gotten to know within the last two years. They do great work about gender, politics and social concepts. And you’ve gotta love their “hairy underwear”. Check out the exhibition at ArtShortCut. They’ve even got a peep show!

I hope to show one of the works from that show at the service homes for elderly people that I work at right now, too.


It’s been great and I warmly recommend these performances and exhibitions!


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