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Just think positive!

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Being sick sucks. That most of you probably agree with. I hate not being able to concentrate and do my work. At the same time I like that’s it’s given me time to check out some good movies. I’ve watched The Company Men for example. It raises some interesting points about “being positive” and “having a great attitude”, “having fun”. I’m a positive person, definitely. I’m also a Gemini, so I have the other side to me as well, the not so positive one. The one that gets pissed off, stressed out and doesn’t want to deal with bullsh*t. I think it’s good to get that way sometimes. At least for me it is. That way I can get things out of my system and just deal with them.

Watch the trailer of The Company Men:

But it’s not just about how this “think positive attitude” is affecting us (or me) personally, it’s also about what it does to us as a society. And the film brought me back to this talk by Barbara Ehrenreich:

The world is just crazy. I do not get it. But I like what Barbara Ehrenreich is saying.

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