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Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 2.0

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I’m back from Art and Cultural Professionals Trade Union Taku’s spring seminar. Thanks to everyone for the great couple of days!

We were talking a lot about the Y Generation (people born 1980-1999) and their expectations of life and work and their ability to move around in the virtual space. Also things like participation instead of passive consumption came up a lot. A great example of a project that ties the virtual world together with this notion of participatory art is Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir. The edition 2.0 has gathered 2051 people of all ages from 58 countries to sing Whitacre’s piece Sleep. Take a look at the amazing performance on Youtube:

Take a look at Whitacre talk about the Virtual Choir at TED 2011:

And the Lux Aurumque – the first edition of the Virtual Choir:

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