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Happening at Oblivia this autumn

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Before “all hell breaks lose” or the ENCATC Annual Conference starts (if that’s how you want to put it ;) I wanted to let you know what’s happening at Oblivia this autumn:


  • September 29. Anna Krzystek performs her solo Face On! Les Halles Schaerbeek, Brussels.


  • October 6-9. We are attending the IETM meeting in Krakow, Poland.
  • October 15-November 30. Oblivia is starting to work on the new performance project Museum of Postmodern Art 1 (MOPMA 1), that premiers in autumn 2012.  Museum of Postmodern Art (MOPMA) is Oblivia’s five year project that will deal with art and politics. Rehearsals commence at newly opened Performance Centre that Oblivia is founding member of.


  • November 6 Entertainment Island – the Trilogy at OKNO festival, Szcezin, Poland
  • November 16-20.  Oblivia is present at Baltic Circle.
  • November 17. Workshop as a part of FESTIVAL LAB, training program for young European festival directors that combines theory and practice. Programme of Baltic Circle.
  • November 19. Open house at Performance Centre. Engage in a work in progress of Oblivias new performance project Museum of Post modern Art (MOPMA 1), meet the artists and experience the Performance Centre. Part of Baltic Circle.
  • We are moving our office to Performance Centre in Suvilahti, Helsinki.

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