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Maria Mena @ Tavastia, Helsinki

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Last night Maria Mena joined us here in Helsinki at Tavastia. I loved the show!

It’s amazing to spend time with certain artists. They follow you for years, and you follow them. About ten years ago she touched my heart with songs like Sorry, You’re the only one and Just a little bit. Those songs are somehow a part of me still and it was amazing to hear some of them last night. And then the newer material from the last album Cause and Effect as well as the newest one, Viktoria. Somehow more organic than the previous albums and more complex. The world is not as black and white anymore, not like when you were a teenager. Musically Viktoria is a natural continuation of Cause and Effect. Familiar melodies, the strings, the deeply personal lyrics. It’s all from the same world. It’s this that has always touched me with her music. It gets to me. It’s what makes me feel connected to the music, feel that it’s good, rather than know that it is intellectually.

It’s a joy to watch Maria on the stage. You can see that she is feeling the music in her whole body and she’s definitely having fun. And a total bonus: she’s funny!

I definitely had fun last night.

Don’t particularly love the video for All this time, but the song is great!


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