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DocPoint and the marvelous Cave of forgotten dreams

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Last week the Helsinki Documentary Film Festival took over the theatres here in town, and in true film festival spirit I went to see 7 films during 3 days.

The one that made the biggest impression on me was Werner Herzog’s film Cave of forgotten dreams, a film about the earliest known art works in the Chauvet cave. The film is in 3D and I’ve said before that 3D doesn’t really do it for me with the exception of Pina from last autumn. Well, this is the next exception. The feeling of being able to see the cave, how the walls flow and how the paintings or drawings travel along the walls was just amazing. I had chills! So if you have the possibility to see it, then definitely do it!



Others that I had the chance to see and are worth seeing are: Battle for the City (Taistelu Turusta) about city planning or actual city non-planning in Turku, How are you about the artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset and Aliona van der Horst’s film Water children.


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