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Deisgn your everyday life!

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This spring’s cultural course, which I produce for the Helsinki Cultural Office and is aimed at high schools, has finally started. The theme is “Design your own everyday life” (Designa din egen vardag!) and during the course the students get to do some city planning, look at how Finnish films from the 1930’s to 60’s depict the city, get a sneak peek into urban farming and see Blaue Frau’s theatre play about a girl in a wheel chair.

This week we had the city planning workshops led by an architect from the City Planning Office of Helsinki. The students got to know the Kalasatama area and about the plans for it, as well as make their own plan for one of the city blocks in the area. They had some great ideas including hotels, recreation and sport activities, housing, Berlin inspired tight city blocks with small shops at street level and housing in the higher levels, or more open areas with skateboard parks and other activities for young people. I was very impressed with how well the groups worked!



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