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E-portfolio and your competencies

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Last week I started teaching a short course for making an e-portfolio that analyzes the competencies of an individual. The course is given through the network Produforum Nyland that is mainly aimed at the independent cultural field. The premise is that each of us is an individual that learns things and develops competencies all throughout their life from childhood to old age.

What is competence? It consist of knowledge and skills we have combined with the ethics and moral of how we use our knowledge and skills.

Last time we went through what a competence portfolio is, what competence is. We worked on our personal and professional itinerary. This itinerary that is from the Portolano model gathers all the things that have shaped us as a learning individual: formal training that we have had, our professional activities, extra-professional activities that we have taken part in (i.e. community life) and personal activities like hobbies, travels etc. When we go through our whole life gathering the things we’ve done in these categories we can see the path of a “me” as a learning individual.

We also started blogs on WordPress where we will build the concrete e-portfolio.

Today is the next session. The plan is to have a closer look at WordPress and start building the portfolio basis, as well as start analyzing our competencies.


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