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Busy spring!

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My spring has been busy busy busy – as usual. Moving on from working mixed through my own company and being employed to doing everything through my own company has come with its own challenges and of course I’ve had multiple projects going on parallel.

With Natur och miljö I’ve been part of organising a tour of Heikki Willamo’s exhibition Year in the Forest and the ones I’ve been in charge of will be held in Kristiinankaupunki in June-August and in Helsinki in November. The opening in Kristiinankaupunki is on Monday June 25th at the hospital where the gallery is situated. Heikki Willamo will also present the exhibition and we’ll have a discussion about our relationship with the forest in July. I’m excited!

For the city of Vantaa I’m currently writing a report on possibly opening a coworking space which would be maintained by the city. It’s interesting to see that the issue of spaces is very interesting for the cultural field in Vantaa. I got a lot of response on my questionnaire! The report will be ready within June and hopefully I’ll be able to publish it here on my blog as well. It’ll be mainly in Finnish, but with short summaries in Swedish and English.

Preparations for the cultural courses for next autumn are also in full swing. This is something I’ve been working with for over a year now and it seems that finally I know enough about the process to be able to really start to develop things within the framework as well. Apart from planning the actual course and its content I’ve been working on portfolio instructions so that the work they do in class with their own teachers. It’s been interesting to work on these kinds of things as well!


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