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Cultural management and concepts

This autumn’s cultural course

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The programme of this autumn’s cultural course is starting to get ready, only the last details need to be finalized. The theme for the course is a multicultural Finland, and the course gives the students an opportunity to think about how the perceive this country and its inhabitants. Who is considered Finnish? And what do they think about this?

As part of the course the students will have a workshop on Afro-Brazilian rhythms in cooperation with the Latin-American film festival Cinemaissi, meet artists, see the work Maamme – Vårt Land which features Finnish people from different backgrounds singing our national anthem, see films made by African youth and meet the workshop leader Antonia Ringbom, as well as experience a concert with the band Humbalax who have created Senegalese versions of famous Finnish songs and be part of different discussions. The programme is looking very good, I think.

Listen to Sakari Kukko & Humbalax on Spotify.


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