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“Are you working on your business or in your business?”

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I started this morning with the HUB Breakfast held every Tuesday at HUB Helsinki. Ola Salo was talking about a new concept of the One Year Boost for entrepreneurs, a concept where you support and coach entrepreneurs in what they actually need rather than what most support systems for entrepreneurs give.

My biggest Aha-moment was the distinction between entrepreneur and self-employed. Is your goal to grow something from an idea, an innovative thing that could live on without just you working on it or is your goal “just” to create a job for yourself? Me right now, I’m definitely self-employed, looking for projects that will give me enough money to make a living for myself. In the long run this will not be sustainable with the amounts current clients are paying for the kind of projects I currently make.

So my goal for next year could be to develop something more sustainable and start working on it like that.


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