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This past autumn has felt quite heavy when it comes to work. I’ve been working unusually long hours and been involved in so many projects that sometimes my head feels very messy. I love my job and the projects I’ve had are exciting and fun, but when I start to feel this tired work doesn’t feel fun or motivating anymore. At the same time I’ve been able to pay myself a salary of maybe 1200-1500 euros per month which in Finnish circumstances definitely is not a lot. Half of that goes towards my rent each month. So how should I feel about this? What makes sense? And how should I organize my work or where should I work to make the situation better?

This week I read a Finnish article about the so-called portfolio generation. That’s a term for us who work with short-term projects and who, to get a next job, constantly have to prove how excellent we are. The jobs out there go to the people who have the best and most versatile portfolio. You also find that people work very intensely, it’s not about working 100% of the hours you should, but about how much of your resources are put into the work. It’s not strange that people suffer from work related burnouts.

I personally would like to avoid this, so that’s why I’m thinking about how to organize my work better. Luckily I’ve had Nia and TimeLessBody (TLB) with me all the time. I think those are the only things that have kept me from actually having a burnout already. Next February I’m having winter vacation for the first time since high school and I’m going to the Nia White Belt intensive held in Turku. After that i could start teaching Nia if I want to, but I’m not sure if i do. For me Nia and TLB have been work-free zones, and all this work related stress and bullsh*t have not been connected to that. In fact, they have been the escape from work and a curing stress. I’m afraid that if they became part of what I do for work, they would no longer be that escape.


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