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Applying for master’s studies

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I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a master’s degree for a while already. After I graduated and got my bachelor’s degree I was definitely ready for working life as I had been studying since I started first grade at age 7. Now, two years after graduating, I’m somewhat missing being able to dive into literature, having time to write and being asked to analyze different parts of the field I work in. On top of that, Finland is quite conservative regarding employment – especially in the cultural field. It seems that if I want to continue on in my career I do actually need that master’s degree.

So this spring I’m making a first attempt at some master’s degree programmes – some are here in Helsinki, others are abroad and all of them are focused on leadership, human resources management or arts management. I’m looking for something that will take me further within mentoring and/or leadership. Yesterday I took the Novogenie test and it confirmed what i already knew with its result: You are Mentor [Futuristic Dreamer]. This is what it says about me (and all the other 3% of the population who belong to my category):

Your main quality is an active and intense caring about people and a strong desire to bring harmony into relationships. You are openly expressive and empathetic. You bring an aura of warmth to everything you do. Your feelings are intuitive towards anything new or possible. You often enjoy working to manifest a humanitarian vision, helping others to develop their potential. You naturally and conscientiously move into action to care for others, to organize the world around them, and to get things done.

Spot on if you ask me!


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