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Cultural management and concepts

A flashback to 2007

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Yesterday I went to see the first year cultural manager students of University of Applied Sciences Arcada put up a show at Luckan in Helsinki. It was part of their course about artistic work to understand what the process of creating different artistic productions is all about. The show was definitely entertaining, and one of the girls in the group really impressed me with her acting skills. Well done!

It also took me back to when our class was doing this course. Back then we were doing strictly theatre, whereas nowadays they also had video and slideshows. Everyone had to write a 3-10 minute play, perform on stage, direct and take care of sound and lights. It was awesome and something that definitely brought all of us closer together. I remember playing a really annoying pre-teen with her best friend singing Umberella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh on a tram and being a worried mother seeing her son in the taxi line early in the morning getting back from partying all night. But most of all I remember spending nights building the sets and lighting in our main class room with my really good friend and colleague Ida. Good times!


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