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Save the date: Arts And Audiences conference in Helsinki August 21-23!


I’ve started on a new project – the Arts And Audiences conference that will be held at the Music Centre in Helsinki in August. It’s the third, and for now last, edition of a Nordic conference series about arts organisations and institutions reaching new audiences. Somehow, it combines all the things I’ve been working on so far in a very lovely way: big international, often Nordic, conferences and working with specific audiences, applied arts and audience development. I’m looking forward to meeting the responsible team at Audiences Norway in Oslo later this month!


2 thoughts on “Save the date: Arts And Audiences conference in Helsinki August 21-23!

  1. I am abiodun akinde, cultural director of culture concept and folklore, an organization which promote arts and culture through organising arts exhibition,folklore festival,and theatre events. We are member of cioff,encats,cid,artist resident,iov and icd

    All the above organization are arts and culture organisation based in Europe. We saw the information above the above named conference and we are interested to delegate three members of our organisation to attend which are the cultural director,cultural manager and cultural officer.I have already filled the registration form but we have little issue to discuss with you about the payment of the conference because we will appreciate if you can allow us to pay on or before the start of the conference because of the issue of obtaining visa often times, we pay money for conference or seminar but visa are not issue and money not refunded. We do lose ,conference fee,transfer fee,and bank commissions been happening often and we now decide that we will be appealing to organizer to kindly allow us to pay once we obtain our visa or on sight based on this,we can send you bank guarantee to show and prove we can and we will pay.

    As the director am using my position and also as one of the delegates to appeal to your organization to accept our request the conference is very important to us as art and cultural event organizer.

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