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A taste of my last week…

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Last week was great and Monday is slapping me in my face for it, I guess.

My work with the Arts and Audiences conference has gotten a good start through my trip to Oslo and finally meeting the Norwegian team face-to-face. The day was long, but the trip in a sense short, as I flew there and back on Wednesday. But we got a lot done, which feels good.

Straight from there I went to present my workers union, Art and Culture Professionals Trade Union, and how I work as a freelancer and self-employed cultural manager to a bunch of cultural management students here in Helsinki. For me the work I do on the board of TAKU and working as a self-employed manager in the cultural field are very much linked together. I think it went alright, although students always seem somewhat phlegmatic in that kind of auditorium setting. I do blame it mostly on the space they are in. It’s a place that invites people to become passive.

Last week I also put together the theme and some of the content of next autumn’s cultural course. We are focusing on our relationship with nature and technology – and how nature and technology fit together in our society where they are very often put opposite of each other. The course was also presented to teachers, so hopefully we’ll get some interested participants :)

My work on the board of the Art and Culture Professionals Trade Union TAKU has gotten off to a good start and now we had a weekend for the board with strategy work and a board meeting. It feels like a good group of people and like we’re (at least mostly) on the same page regarding what to do, where to go with the work and so on. I’m happy to be part of this work and have and impact on the field I’m working in.

And the week ended with Nia in Tallinn, and focusing on balance and on bones. It was lovely to see my Nia family and other friends, and it gives me so much energy and I learn about myself all the time. It feels like Nia is the one big relationship in my life right now and that the White Belt Intensive served as a romantic weekend getaway that brought a whole new intensity to that relationship. It’s a beautiful thing! And I’m looking forward to see Nia becoming an even more important part of my life and deepening that relationship.

Now the reality of Monday and the flow of last week not continuing feels somewhat (quite a lot) like a bitch slap in the face. I think it’s my body, my mind and the world telling me to slow down a bit after last week, the question is “How?” as March is what it is when it comes to work.

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