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Shared will and gratefulness

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The importance of a shared will or want is becoming a theme for this year. In some projects of mine (both work and voluntary) it’s given, in others it’s still something that we are actually searching for. It’s not easy to get on with doing anything concrete work when that common will, the common goal and the core values are not there. Usually I have worked with projects where this is present from the start. ‘Why are we doing this?’ and ‘what do we want to get out of?’ it is discussed at the beginning. ‘How do we do this?’ is next.

When I get involved with a project in the middle of it and this is not clear among all of the people involved it is definitely a challenge to know how to work in that project. I’m all the time learning so much about myself, about how I want to work and with whom or what kind of people. My path in (work) life is becoming more and more clear and I’m very grateful for that. And grateful for all the awesome people in my life in general!

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