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May madness or disturbing the senses

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The month of May has been full of madness in the form of an open to all Family Day and many workshops for high school kids aged 13-15 at Kunsthalle Helsinki. It’s been always changing, exhausting but rewarding and always a lot of fun. The best part about it has been meeting teenagers and making a couple of quite nice connections even though we only spent 1,5-2 hours with each group.

The workshops were planned and executed by visual artist Hilda Kozari, composer Paola Livorsi and me. They entailed experiencing the exhibition space without sight, an installation combining the senses of hearing, seeing and smelling as well as working with colours and sound. The workshops were called Aistihäiriö (“Sense disturbance” in Finnish). Tarmo Paunu’s colourful paintings were the perfect surroundings for all of this.

This was all part of the Kolmio project I work with this year.



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