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Getting back to the topics from some years ago…

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Stusnäs 2013-07-26

Last week I spent some days with friends and colleagues from many European countries and we got back to the topics of how to structure cross-border collaboration in a sustainable way. The reality always seems to be that we are miles ahead of the structures we work within and the struggles we see with having To Culture With Love, an association based in Germany with individual members (people) from different countries come up time and time again. I’m looking forward to working further on the issues of getting somewhere closer to have the possibility to work within a European structure that is not an umbrella for many organisations and thus far away from the grass-roots level.

We were researching the possibilities we have as of right now:

  • creating an umbrella organisation in the form of an association
  • having a network with a clearly stated intent, goals and values
  • continuing to loosely cooperate like we are right now based on individual projects and topics

And one cannot complain about the beautiful surroundings we were doing this work in. Stusnäs on the Island Kimitoön in Finland with the sea next to us seems to provide the right amount of relaxation to be able to concentrate on the actual topic.


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