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Yesterday Blaue Frau‘s performance Blaue Frau do Paul Auster had its premiere at Pop Up Art House in Helsinki. Finally indeed!


Photo: Timo Wright


Photo: Timo Wright

It’s been a process of many years, and I’ve been involved in it here and there since 2011. The performance opens up the process to the theatre goer and reflects upon it in comparison to the first book of Paul Auster’s New York trilogy, City of Glass. There’s a blurry line between what is real and what is fiction -and whose reality is described. I think this is exactly where the brilliance of the performance lies. Sonja Ahlfors, Iida Kuningas and Joanna Wingren are able to tell the story and convincingly blur the lines, travel between reality and fiction, and take the audience on a captivating journey through their lives and the story they have created. Sometimes they stray from the story to open up discussions, questions and thoughts that working on this project has evoked in them, but they always manage to pull the audience back into the intrigue.

You should all definitely go and see this performance!

You can see it at Pop Up Art House, Diana stage, Erottajankatu 7 in November and December. Performances in Nov: 22, 25, 26, 27 (sold out), 28, 29 at 7 pm. Performances in Dec: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19 at 7 pm. Tickets 20 €/15 €, netticket.fi, 0600 399 499 (Mon–Fri at 9 am–9 pm, Sat-Sun at 3–9 pm), info@blauefrau.com or at the door (cash only)

And for all you non-Swedish speakers, the performance is translated into English live.


Photo: Timo Wright


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