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Thoughts for the new year


I’m hopping on to the challenge set by my former teacher over at her own blog. It’s a challenge that she has also set for her new students, and in short, it’s 7 x 2. So what does that mean? I will be writing for 7 minutes, two times per week. No more, no less.

Why? This year I want to focus in on the core things of my work and my competencies. I want to reflect more on where I’m going, what I’m doing and why. To do this writing about what’s on my mind, analyzing current work situations and projects is key, and I need to do it regularly for it to have an effect.

The goal for this year is to listen closely to my intuition, to work with new people and those I’ve worked with before, but in groups and for clients whose core values connect to mine. Focus is on well-being (mine, theirs, project participants’) and great art.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts for the new year

  1. Very good decision Riikka. I´m going to ask You about your succes after couple of month:)

    • I’m hoping this will help me focus more. Last year was such a puzzle of projects and my head has been on overload and somewhat confused so I need it. And I welcome questions and reminders to do this. Knowing someone is reading is also another motivation to do it, then I have both internal and external motivations :)

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