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The power of yoga

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Before Christmas I realized I have over half of my ten time yoga card unused and just until mid-January to use it. Being away for the holidays left med with just three weeks to use my already paid yoga classes, and boy has that been a good thing! My regular Nia and TimeLessBody classes don’t start until next Monday so i am grateful for the peace of mind, focus and physical challenges that yoga has given me these last couple of weeks.


Licensed under a Creative Commons license. CC NC-SA

A big international conference that I’m producing is also getting closer, it’s under 2 weeks until almost 200 cultural professionals gather in Tampere for NordMatch and normally I would be exhausted and quite stressed about all the things that still need to be done. Now I’ve been working probably less hours than I normally would, but been a lot more productive when I have been working. I love that!

For the past three years since I graduated and have been working with big and small cultural projects as a freelancer I have been searching for balance between work and everything else in life. Sleep, dance, friends, family and time to just hang around. This January I have been able to find some of that balance and I hope to keep it up!

P.S. I also organised a yoga class in Heikki Willamo’s exhibition in Elverket in Tammisaari this week and there is one more next Tuesday. Both yoga practice and art experience definitely gain from this combo. Clickety-click for more info (in Swedish).



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