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Interesting cultural meetings

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What makes for interesting cultural meetings? That’s a question that I think about often. What meetings are meaningful? Meetings with art, theatre, music? But most of all what meetings with people are meaningful?

This last week I discovered a Swedish TV series where Swedish well-known pop/rock/hip hop artists meet Sami music artist. They spend three days together in the North of Sweden and have a studio and a music producer at their disposal, and co-write really great new songs. To me this is interesting on many levels. It’s a meeting between two musicians that have never met before and should collaborate with very little time to get some amazing results. It’s a meeting between different cultures. What is important to the artists and how is that reflected in how they work? And it’s a way to showcase many of these amazing Sami artists to new audiences. And frankly all of these things make a great TV programme.

Through the programme I discovered Sofia Jannok and I’ve been listening to her newest album for several hours during the weekend, mostly while sitting on a train. It just worked beautifully together: the music, the speed and the ever-changing landscape outside, weather that was cold but sunny. A perfect marriage I would say. Her music also inspires me to dance and I’m thinking about incorporating some of it into my Nia workshop at Arbis in just under two weeks. How that cultural meeting between music, movement and new dancers will work will be very interesting to me.

Watch the Season 2 trailer of Sapmi Sessions and the episode from season 1 with Sofia Jannok, Familjen and Andreas Tilliander on SVT Play.


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