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Monokini 2.0 needs your support!

Monokini 2.0 swim suit

Monokini 2.0 swim suit.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the exhibition opening of artist duo Nutty Tarts‘s project Monokini 2.0 at the Finnish Museum of Photography. Monokini 2.0 is a social art project that re-examines popular culture’s narrow view of a woman’s ideal appearance, and as part of it 10 swimwear designs for women with only one breast where designed.

Forward a couple of days and the project has gotten worldwide visibility! Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and even Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation have highlighted the project.

Now they need your help! The next stage is to start production on three of the suits. The ladies have a Kickstarter project. I contributed today. Will you join me?


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Just think positive!

Being sick sucks. That most of you probably agree with. I hate not being able to concentrate and do my work. At the same time I like that’s it’s given me time to check out some good movies. I’ve watched The Company Men for example. It raises some interesting points about “being positive” and “having a great attitude”, “having fun”. I’m a positive person, definitely. I’m also a Gemini, so I have the other side to me as well, the not so positive one. The one that gets pissed off, stressed out and doesn’t want to deal with bullsh*t. I think it’s good to get that way sometimes. At least for me it is. That way I can get things out of my system and just deal with them.

Watch the trailer of The Company Men:

But it’s not just about how this “think positive attitude” is affecting us (or me) personally, it’s also about what it does to us as a society. And the film brought me back to this talk by Barbara Ehrenreich:

The world is just crazy. I do not get it. But I like what Barbara Ehrenreich is saying.

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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About money, part 2

I posted the video The Money Fix about a month ago here. At To Culture With Love. Management 2011 we watched a shorter film about the future of money with comments also from the maker of The Money Fix

Have a look:

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More videos

This time a cute animation about the beauty of copying :)

Copying Is Not Theft from Mobius on Vimeo.

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Arts and culture in elderly care

This week I started a new job. My title is cultural worker and it’s for an association that owns two service houses for elderly people, both also with small group homes for demented people.

So now I’m getting into a whole new field within arts and culture, getting to know the places and the people living and working in them. And also to get to know all kinds of research that has been made in the field.

If you have examples of how arts and culture has been used within elderly care, please let me know!