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Monokini 2.0 needs your support!

Monokini 2.0 swim suit

Monokini 2.0 swim suit.

A couple of weeks ago I was at the exhibition opening of artist duo Nutty Tarts‘s project Monokini 2.0 at the Finnish Museum of Photography. Monokini 2.0 is a social art project that re-examines popular culture’s narrow view of a woman’s ideal appearance, and as part of it 10 swimwear designs for women with only one breast where designed.

Forward a couple of days and the project has gotten worldwide visibility! Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and even Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation have highlighted the project.

Now they need your help! The next stage is to start production on three of the suits. The ladies have a Kickstarter project. I contributed today. Will you join me?


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Pop Up Art House Exhibition Opening and Opening Party!

Welcome to the opening festivities of the Pop Up Art House Exhibition!

Vernissage invitation

April 16th at 6-9 pm
Diana stage, Erottajankatu 7, inner yard, Helsinki!
No RSVP necessary.

The fine art selection of Pop Up Art House spring 2014 converses about feminism using means of installation, sculpture, video and photograph. Finnish and international artists form a carnivalesque visual dialogue about definitions of gender.

The exhibition includes works by Kenneth BambergAnne Lehtelä, Kaisa Luukkonen, Sarah Lüdemann, Pia Männikkö, Anna-Sofia Nylund, Malin Nyqvist, Karoliina Paappa, Veera Salmio, Pauliina Turakka Purhonen and Anton Wiraeus. It is curated in tandem by Kaisa Luukkonen and Pia Männikkö.

Oswaldo’s Bar / Liina Kuittinen performance / DJ Risu

Welcome to the Opening Party of Pop Up Art House!

Opening Invitation

April 17th at 7 pm-2 am
Diana stage, Erottajankatu 7, inner yard, Helsinki
RSVP to info@blauefrau.com

Order a Black Russian cocktail, dance with your fears, join the Lesbian Algorithm March, dance the night away to the tunes of DJ Wino 4ever and more at the Pop Up Art House Opening.

Oswaldo’s Bar / #Lesbianalgorithmmarch / DJ Wino 4ever / VJ Shadow with Linnea Hasander / Surprises / People / Art


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Pop Up Art House is back!


Pop Up Art House is back and I’ve been working with the project since February, and it’s so exciting that the programme is set!

There is a new website with the awesome programme. Check it out here!

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Shadows, highlights, light

Usually I love art that starts just from a flicker of curiosity from the artist, regardless if they work professionally or not. When a process is unfolding through curiosity there is almost always something interesting happening. There’s a will to learn more, to discover something new. A perfect example of this is Alexa Meade’s painted installations that started from the interest in shadows, then light. Check out her TED Talk to learn more!

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Cool workshops at Kunsthalle Helsinki in May

















We’re working on pretty cool workshops for schools in Helsinki, classes 7-10 where the students get to experience an exhibition with totally different senses than normally. They’ll be blindfolded at first and afterwards they will get to do some colour and sound experiments with artist Hilda Kozari and composer Paola Livorsi. I think these will be pretty rad, so if you’re a teacher in the Helsinki area, the info for registration can be found in the poster above.

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New Year with New Things – Kolmio

The new year always comes with new things, new projects. This time my new project is Kolmio (“Triangle”) where working groups of a visual artist, a composer and a cultural manager build services of well-being.

I’m not only a part of two different working groups, but also working as the mentor for all the cultural managers as I already have quite a lot of experience of applied arts and working with different target groups – from children and young people to elderly people.

I’m sure it’s going to bring me an eventful year!

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Today the Helsinki Cultural Office’s “Cultural Course” for high schools that I’ve been coordinating starts. The whole thing has the theme “Who do I want to be?” and the students are going to see a film and meet the director, see an opera and participate in some connected workshops, see a theatre play and talk to the actors and have photography workshops.

So today we’re seeing the film “Kohtaamisia” (Encounters) by Saara Cantell and I will meet the involved teachers and students for the first time.