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Archipelago <3 Nia


A weekend of archipelago and Nia can never be a bad combination, and this summer it will happen! Welcome to a Nia weekend on Vänö in the Finnish archipelago.

Time: July 11 at 18-19.30, July 12 at 10-11.30, July 13 at 10-11.30
Place: Vänö Culture House
Price: 10 eur/session, whole weekend 25 eur; Vänö Vänner members 5 eur/session, whole weekend 15 eur.
Registrations: pirjo.hoffstrom@gmail.com tai 0400-744076
Language: Swedish/Finnish

Come dance with me!


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Nia Trainer Helen Terry in Helsinki in June!

Nia trainer Helen Terry is coming to Helsinki June 14, 2014! Helen is giving two classes and a workshop and they are open for all! Early Bird prices are valid until May 14, so register and come dance with me!

All the info is in the course flyer! Clickety-click!

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Nia Playshop @ Pop Up Art House – CANCELLED


I’m giving a Nia Playshop at Pop Up art House in Helsinki April 26th at 2 pm. This is a great chance to try it out for the first time, but also works very well for all of you seasoned Nia dancers!

Music, Movement, Magic! Playfully exploratory, appropriately challenging, free and guided movement in perfect proportions. Nia is movement on the terms of Your Body and a stimulating combination of dance, strength and relaxation. Get connected to yourself, your fellow dancers and the world around you!

Feel free to continue your afternoon at Pop Up Art House – a smoothie in the bar after the playshop is included in the price!

Time: Saturday April 26 at 2 pm
Place: Pop Up Art House, Diana stage, Erottajankatu 7, Helsinki
Duration: 2 h 30 min
Language: English
Participation fee 30€/25€, registration to riikka.wallin@gmail.com
Instructor: Riikka Wallin, Nia White Belt Teacher

EveryBody welcome!

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Nia with Ann Christiansen in Finland February 15th-16th! Are U ready?

Nia trainer Ann Christiansen is visiting Finland and giving playshops in Helsinki and Turku!

Picture: nianow.com

Picture: nianow.com

The playshops will be based on her new Nia routine “U” and will include the Nia class experience. U is a highly energetic routine with a new mix of moves and patterns that will arouse you to express the uniqueness of you and to energize every move with emotion. Get a sneak-peak of U and get excited about the music here.

Turku, Saturday 15.2. More info soon!

Helsinki, Sunday 16.2. at 12:30-15:00
Location: Friskis&Svettis Arabia,  Hämeentie 153 C, 4th floor, entrance from Kaanaankatu
Price: 45 €
Registrations: with this form here or email Jennika (a) niacenterhelsinki.com.
*Reserve your space by registering and paying in advance. You will get a confirmation with payment instructions via e-mail. Some tickets will also be available at the door.

EveryBody is warmly welcome! See you there!

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Interesting cultural meetings

What makes for interesting cultural meetings? That’s a question that I think about often. What meetings are meaningful? Meetings with art, theatre, music? But most of all what meetings with people are meaningful?

This last week I discovered a Swedish TV series where Swedish well-known pop/rock/hip hop artists meet Sami music artist. They spend three days together in the North of Sweden and have a studio and a music producer at their disposal, and co-write really great new songs. To me this is interesting on many levels. It’s a meeting between two musicians that have never met before and should collaborate with very little time to get some amazing results. It’s a meeting between different cultures. What is important to the artists and how is that reflected in how they work? And it’s a way to showcase many of these amazing Sami artists to new audiences. And frankly all of these things make a great TV programme.

Through the programme I discovered Sofia Jannok and I’ve been listening to her newest album for several hours during the weekend, mostly while sitting on a train. It just worked beautifully together: the music, the speed and the ever-changing landscape outside, weather that was cold but sunny. A perfect marriage I would say. Her music also inspires me to dance and I’m thinking about incorporating some of it into my Nia workshop at Arbis in just under two weeks. How that cultural meeting between music, movement and new dancers will work will be very interesting to me.

Watch the Season 2 trailer of Sapmi Sessions and the episode from season 1 with Sofia Jannok, Familjen and Andreas Tilliander on SVT Play.

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Nia White Belt in Turku, Finland

About a year ago I participated in the Nia White Belt in Turku, Finland. Thinking about my last year and talking about it with friends on New Year’s Eve I chose it as one of the most important things I did last year. It has supported where I want to go with my life both professionally and just personally. And I found so many tools that work for me in everyday life through Nia. Sometimes it’s just been a lifesaver and other times it’s just fun to dance. If you want to read more about my experiences you can do it here and here.

Now you have a chance to experience it as well and the registration is closing any day now, so if you’d like to do something really good for yourself this year, sign up here now.

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Nia on Finnish TV

Tonight the wellness programme Hehku on Finnish TV2 broadcasted their episode with a touch of Nia in it. A couple of weeks ago their reporter Elina visited the Nia class I take regularly with Jennika. It’s funny to watch me dance in the episode, but I do look very happy dancing :)

You can spot me and watch all of us dance here (but sadly only if you’re in Finland right now).