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TimeLessBody with Nurit Krauss in Finland in September – sign up now!

”Make your Body your Buddy.”


Nurit Krauss will be back in Finland in September teaching TimeLessBody in Helsinki and in Turku. Check out all of the course info in Finnish and Swedish below!

”TimeLessBody is a great tool for anybody in any shape. All you need is a carpet and determination. Working continuously, seriously and deeply will change your body and life.”

More about TimeLessBody:

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Make the body your buddy!

The quote is from Los Angeles based dancer and choreographer Nurit C. Krauss. She has developed the extremely intelligent TimeLessBody wellness system. I’ve been practicing TLB for several years already and it’s become a very important part of my life, especially my stress management.

This year I’ve also started teaching TLB. If you are interested in ordering a class for your group, company or fitness organisation, please contact me. Read more about TLB here.