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Cultural management and concepts

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TimeLessBody with Nurit Krauss in Finland in September – sign up now!

”Make your Body your Buddy.”


Nurit Krauss will be back in Finland in September teaching TimeLessBody in Helsinki and in Turku. Check out all of the course info in Finnish and Swedish below!

”TimeLessBody is a great tool for anybody in any shape. All you need is a carpet and determination. Working continuously, seriously and deeply will change your body and life.”

More about TimeLessBody:

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Nia with Ann Christiansen in Finland February 15th-16th! Are U ready?

Nia trainer Ann Christiansen is visiting Finland and giving playshops in Helsinki and Turku!

Picture: nianow.com

Picture: nianow.com

The playshops will be based on her new Nia routine “U” and will include the Nia class experience. U is a highly energetic routine with a new mix of moves and patterns that will arouse you to express the uniqueness of you and to energize every move with emotion. Get a sneak-peak of U and get excited about the music here.

Turku, Saturday 15.2. More info soon!

Helsinki, Sunday 16.2. at 12:30-15:00
Location: Friskis&Svettis Arabia,  Hämeentie 153 C, 4th floor, entrance from Kaanaankatu
Price: 45 €
Registrations: with this form here or email Jennika (a) niacenterhelsinki.com.
*Reserve your space by registering and paying in advance. You will get a confirmation with payment instructions via e-mail. Some tickets will also be available at the door.

EveryBody is warmly welcome! See you there!

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Nia White Belt in Turku, Finland

About a year ago I participated in the Nia White Belt in Turku, Finland. Thinking about my last year and talking about it with friends on New Year’s Eve I chose it as one of the most important things I did last year. It has supported where I want to go with my life both professionally and just personally. And I found so many tools that work for me in everyday life through Nia. Sometimes it’s just been a lifesaver and other times it’s just fun to dance. If you want to read more about my experiences you can do it here and here.

Now you have a chance to experience it as well and the registration is closing any day now, so if you’d like to do something really good for yourself this year, sign up here now.

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Some holiday atmosphere

I’m back at work and at home again after some very needed Christmas holidays that I spent at my parents. The theme of my holidays was to enjoy arts and culture rather than produce it and here’s some of what I did:

1) The Christmas Market in Turku (crappy website) with my mom and my little brother. We bought my favorite, anise sweets.

2) The traditional Finnish Christmas meal with a lot of relatives :)

3) a Harry Potter movie marathon (movies 1-6) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at the movie theatre with my brother, my mom, my aunt and my two cousins.

I really liked the movie, and although it was just part 1 and it kind of ended in the middle that didn’t disturb me really… I thought The Tale of the Three Brothers was very nicely done! And it all made me want to read all of the books again.

4) Read the book Leurs Vies Éclatantes (Väreilevä kaupunki in Finnish) by the Belgian author Grégoire Polet. I got it as a Christmas present.

5) Listened to some Bach while cleaning :) Works very well!