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Make the body your buddy
– Nurit Krauss

TimeLessBody® (TLB) is a fitness and wellness system developed by Los Angeles based dancer and choreographer Nurit C. Krauss. The TimeLessBody system is a simple yet sophisticated exercise method suitable for anyone at any age, fitness level, or physical condition. It is based on movement sequences that trigger the nervous system, small inner muscles, blood flow, heart rate and mood. TLB develops muscle strength, trains the mobility of your body, conditions, and heals injuries and relieves pain while being gentle on the joints. Versatile movements and using your voice helps relieve stress and tension in your whole body.

With TimeLessBody you get to know your own body. It helps you take care of your well-being all through life!

Riikka Wallin had been studying TLB for a number of years, she got her TLB teacher certification from Nurit Krauss in 2013.

Read more about TimeLessBody on Nurit Krauss’s own website!


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