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The dilemma of choosing

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With the freedom of choosing what I want to work with as a freelancer or independent arts manager/cultural producer/cultural worker (let’s have that discussion another time :P) comes the difficulty of choosing. There are so many great projects out there. How do I choose? And how do I live with the choices I’ve made?

Right now I work with at least three projects. There is no room for more. I already work way too many hours per week. There are maybe some interesting things coming up for next year as well. But then I come across a project of the Network for Cultural Export in Finland that offers job opportunities in Finland and abroad to young professionals (under 35 years) of the field. The jobs are paid, you get the salary that you’re supposed to with the education that is required. They pay for travel and accommodation for the jobs abroad.

And on the list there is a job as project secretary for The Finnish Institute in New York. I’ve always wanted to go to NY and I’ve always wanted to do more than just holidays. This would be so perfect and yet it isn’t.

How do you deal with the disappointment of situations like this? What would you do?


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