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Cultural management and concepts

Conceptual art = Arts management?

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This weekend I was in Berlin for a meeting where we were planning the future organization for To Culture With Love. Management and more. We have new members in the team and our discussions were circling around values, target group, mission etc. The new members are artists who are involved with an organization called X Presents and they’re working for similar things that we are in To Culture With Love.

Our workshop has been specifically aimed at people within cultural work/arts management, but the X Presents girls felt excluded because they don’t identify with those although they actually do work with management things. So after hours and hours of discussing I had a thought; maybe the things we’re doing within To Culture With Love, creating utopias about what working should be like in the arts and cultural field and in our society are actually conceptual art.

If conceptual art is about ideas and concepts more than aesthetics and materials then To Cultre With Love and the work that we do can definitely be considered art. So, besides being an arts manager and hobby artist (I paint and make jewllery) I’m an actual artist. I’m going to start calling myself artiste (pronounced in the French way).

Hmmm… I need new business cards :P


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